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which country in the world is best to go into university and work later on?

the best country in the world which is good to study and then work the rest of your life in that country.

i mean to settle down in that place

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depends on your career. and if u r unable to think anything than US is best

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Ask yourself these questions.

1) What course will you be taking?

2) What is your budget?

3) Which university in which country can provide your chosen course of study that is within your budget?

4) Will you be able to meet all relevant requirements of that country in order to obtain a student visa?

5) Once you graduated in your chosen field of study,

(i) will that degree (and your overall grades) allow you to enter the workforce with the most attractive remuneration?

(ii) will your employer sponsor your work visa?

(ii) will you be able to get permanent residency?

If you can answer Q1-Q4 positively, then that is the country for you to go to! Worry about Q5 later!