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Student visa denied because of education background…Please help?


The US Consult denied my student visa because I do not have a high school diploma. The instititue that I applied to does not require a high school diploma. I am only interested in learning the language and not the academic program. Also, the institute has a business program that will benefit me.

My family has a very large business and since Im the only daughter, I will definitely return to my country. I have studied in Singapore for a year but the US Consult thinks its not good enough. How can I prove that I can study well without a high school diploma? Will Letter of recommendations helps? Also, I have one month before my school starts, can I reschedule an interview with the US Consult if I can provide more information?

Thanks for you help in advance.

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Ben is correct, usually if a College/University grants you admission it is very rare that you would be denied a visa from the Consult based on your educational background.

A letter from of recommendation from your current learning institute in Singapore and a letter from the American University stating that you do not require a high school diploma to attend should be sufficient enough. I would also inquire at the consult to see if this would be okay. Maybe taking relevant tests and exams is an option also.

Bear in mind however a visa request is granted or declined at the Consult’s discretion.

Edit: Based on your additional information, the equivalent to a high school diploma is a GED (General Education Develoment) see below for more details.


If you are not interested in going back to school for what ever reasons, may I suggest that you try and find an online course from an accredited learning institution, this way you can learn and complete the course in the comfort of your own home.

I would also take the steps that Ben and myself suggested to you earlier regarding contacting the embassy, the English centre in the states and your current school in Singapore.


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Benjamin C
Hi, I am sorry but your question is very difficult to answer without more details on your particular circumstances. Since the program is non-degree, I would assume that the visa you are applying for is J-1. Are you pursuing a course of study at an accredited college? If so, then a letter of admission from the college is usually sufficient.

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fine touch of class
yes you can reschedule an appointment and give more details.