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Problem with one of my students…….?

I am a teacher of middle school boys (there are 8 of them in my class) and they are between the ages of 12-14. It is a class for learning disabled kids. I know full well that boys will be boys, but, I have noticed that one of them in particular stares at my chest and behind every chance he gets. More than the average boy his age would do. He makes little comments about me to his peers that are borderline sexually explicit (not enough for me to write a referal, but too much to ignore). Like, for instance, moaning and groaning when I walk by (sexually), telling me things about what he saw on tv that are sexual in nature. Today, another student said something about being hungry and he goes “What? you said you’re horny?” and gave me a really gross look. I reported him to the office. But what do I do as a long term solution? I have called his parents and they said they’d talk to him, but I have not seen a big change. What next?

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Thao Kun

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Maybe you should change how you dress. Or have him transfer to another class, if possible.

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write down everything…. dates, times, what was said…. and present it to your administrator. He may need to be moved to a different class if he cannot behave, is distracted, and is sexually harrassing you.

The most important thing is this…

1) Document!

2) Talk to your co-workers and your administrator

3) Make it very clear that those are NOT topics of conversation that go on in your classroom. (i.e. “we do not discuss those things in my class, and I do not want to hear it”) as for the subtle innappropriate behaviors (i.e- moaning, sexual noises, etc…) include that in the documentation and simply say, “why are you making noise when you need to be quiet?” or “those noises are not appropriate classroom behavior” because regardless of their connotation, they are not.

This stuff is easier said than done, but in my honest opinion, a start towards an awareness by administration of this boy’s behavior towards women needs to be put into writing and made known.


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I am going to agree with Rog. I teach high school and have had similar problems. Make sure you document everything! Documentation is what allowed me to get the student moved to a different class. Good luck!