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Is it possible for foreign students in the Philippines to transfer schools within a year?

Hello, im a korean national, i have a student visa and am currently studying in angeles university foundation in pampanga, Philippines. it has been almost a semester and as i have come to be adjusted with the studies here in the philippines, i came to a realization that the best course for me is BS statistics major in actuarial science and not the present course i m currently taking now which is BS medical technology.

As with my consultation with or university registrar, my present school does not offer the course i am looking for which is why i opt to transfer to another university providing the course in BS statistics, however, my student visa is stamped with “no transfer within one year”.

How can i transfer to my university of choice? Would it be possible that i cancel my present visa and apply for a new one? WHat other ways procedures must i go through?

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you can transfer after the semester.

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