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Sonu T

In texas which university apply without toefl ?

I got 45 score in toefl. i want to apply for pre mba.What can i do?I want to go only texas.

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I’m sorry. but if your home country does not have English as its only official language, you will also need to take the TOEFL, to prove your competency.

If you do not meet the required TOEFL score outlined by the university then you will not be accepted.

There are no universities in the United States that will accept you if you are not competent in the English Language.

You should study more, perhaps get a private English tutor or enroll in English classes in your home country and then re-apply for the TOEFL.

The major Universities in Texas are; The University of Texas in Austin (UT), Texas A&M University, The University of Houston and Rice University.


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Whenever a university says something is required, that’s that! You MUST take the TOEFL exam. Sign up online for the soonest, closest TOEFL examination offered, list UT Austin as a school to report the results directly, and notify UT that you are scheduled to take the exam when & where, and that you have requested results be sent directly to UT. There’s no way they are simply going to accept a course in lieu of the exam. Standardized exams have their uses since courses & instructors vary so widely around the world. They cannot possibly be familiar with all of them, even though they keep up fairly well. Exam results matter a very great deal. The number one cause of foreign student failure is inadequate preparation in language skills, since you need college-level linguistic skills, and depending on your major, need a very advanced level of technical language skills as well. Number two cause of failure is, of course, insufficient funds. Living expenses abroad are much higher than most students expect, and college website estimates are often out-of-date. And they don’t count a lot of personal expenses, either. You always need quite a bit more than what they post as some minimum suggestion.

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i would go to UT