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i need help please/ the great depression?

i have to write an essay but i dont get the topic

this essay relates with the movie cinderella man so if you have not seen it you wont probably understand

the topic is

jim braddock serves as an inspiration to people during the great depression. what does he do outside of boxing ring to demonstrate inspirational qualities to others ?

disscuss three specific hardships he must overcome in the film

the things i have is

he has great values, he was loyal, and he never gave up but i think these are wrong please help me

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i think the question is asking for 3 specific problems he had to overcome when they say hardships

1). trying to get a job [outside of the ring]. he had to make himself noticable to the guy at the dock or whatever that was so that he could be one of the very few people who were picked

2). feeding the kids. he didn’t want to have to send them and he made a promise to his one son. he had to find some way to overcome that. he even gave his bologna to his cutie of a daughter

3). he had to watch out for his friends and neighbors. like in the scene with the childrens’ birthday party. the fight that was about to take place between the man and his wife. braddock had to overcome his fighting reputation to handle the situation

i really hope that helped! good luck!