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how can i go abroad in U.S.?

how can i go abroad in U.S.?

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To study in the US you need 3 things:

1) A Student Visa – This allows international students to travel to the US to study. You can find useful information here – http://educationusa.state.gov/usvisa.htm

2) SAT scores – This is a standardized test that all colleges require for admissions. You can find more information and register here –


3) TOEFL scores – This test allows international students to study in the US. You can learn more and register here –


To help you pay for your US education you can apply for scholarships. Scholarships are free sources of money that you can use to pay for your school expenses, and you don’t have to pay them back! You can read more about them here:


Here are sites that offer scholarships to international students:






If you can’t get any scholarships then you can apply for a student loan. This means you will borrow the money to pay for college and then pay it back once you graduate. Here are sites that list international student loans:





Here are some sites that list the best US colleges for international students:




Here’s a site that gives you advice on how to apply to colleges in the USA:


Good luck!


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UNT International Admissions
The University of North Texas can help! We offer almost 100 Undergraudate and more than 150 Graduate programs in a variety of fields.

The application process for International students is pretty straightfoward. We require an application and application fee, proof of English proficiency (generally TOEFL), and official academic credentials in order to make an admissions decision. If you do not already have proof of English, you would be able to study in our Intensive English Language Institute.

If you get admitted, we will require financial documents to issue the I-20, which is what you need to get your Visa to study in the USA.

You can get more details about applying to UNT on our website: http://www.international.unt.edu/admissions/requirements/requirements.html

Best wishes!

University of North Texas, International Admissions



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If you want to go as a student then give GRE(Graduate Record Examintaion) if you want to go for masters or GMAT for mba.

Take atleast 3-4 months for prepration.

Look for universities you want to apply.

When you have given GRE /GMAT + TOEFL(US universities require this )then send your score to universities.

Be sure about the application deadline.

If your score matches with university limit you are through .

I hope this helps.