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Help If You like to Argue Come Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

hello im currently a senior in highschool and am getting ready for a debate but i need your guys’ help i need a serious of questions that would put me on the spot.

My topic is whether performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.

My position is that they shouldnt be allowed for the following reasons its unfair to the natural athletes who take their time and effort to practice and train, the health risk, and the psychological effects which can lead to violence, suicide and murder

examples of question you can ask

If they legalized drugs, then wouldn’t every one would have an even chance?

What are the effects of steroids on the body?

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Can you give an example of the negative effects of performance enhancing drugs?

How are p.e. d. different from other things athletes do to enhance their performance (vitamins, etc)?

Does the risk outweigh the benefit of having more entertaining sports?

I don’t know. Some of those are lame. But it’s hard to argue for it being allowed.


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If we eliminate use as illegal, aren’t we just evening the playing field since no one is cheating anymore?

The reality is most people believe Barry Bonds and other big stars use drugs, and they continue to watch…so really, does anyone care that they “cheated?”

The reality is Barry Bonds can still hit a ball out of the park, even when not using steroids, so are drugs really cheating if he already has the natural ability to do what he does on drugs?

If drugs are regulated and require a doctor’s prescription and supervision, aren’t we already ensuring the safety of the use of drugs?

In this era of “superstars” in every sport, are we really looking for an even playing field?

If we allow everyone to use drugs…aren’t we leveling the playing field?

THe reality is I can use steroids and probably not be a major league athlete, so are the drugs really that big of an issue if the person has the skills to play at the professional level?


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$yn C
I do not think anything that can cause bodily harm to someone should be legalized. Cigarettes are legal and that does not mean everyone smokes. And the only way anyone can have an even chance is for the athletes to all be on the same page.

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steroids can cause shrinkage of the, you know, the male parts, and can cause painful back acne, and very possibly cancer as a new study shows.

but isn’t the point of sports to entertain others? stronger people can entertain more, perform more impressive plays, and generally wow the crowd. if they want to compete and entertain people (the purpose of professional sports today) then why can’t they? if you say becasue its harmful, then why allow football, then, because thats ten times worse! football causes concussions, long term brain and back damage, and severe pain in later years. so if you’re going to ban steroids out of health concerncs, you should ban football, wrestling, and boxing.

thats an argument i can come up with.


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ur question: What are the effects of steroids on the body?

my answer: for guys watch out cause u gonna grow a vagina LOL