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do i have Chance to success in usa?

i will travel to va in usa to study and work iam very afraid from failure to do that because it is my first time to travel to usa and i am not familiar withe the system of education there plz advice me?

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Congratulations and good luck! It sounds like you have a very exciting period of time ahead of you. It is smart that you want to learn about the education system before you come to a new country. There will be a lot of changes for you, so you will want to prepare yourself.

If you are just wanting information about the education system overall, I would recommend the International Association of Universities’ Online Database: http://www.unesco.org/iau/onlinedatabases/index.html You can select United States of America and then read about high scool, Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral studies as you need.

If you are wanting to know more information about going to school in the USA (rather than about the school system), I would encourage you to do a search on “studying in the US” and read everything you can. (I can’t recommend a specific website because I can’t advertise for those companies, but you will find that there are many great resources.)

would also encourage you to see if there is an EducationUSA office in your country since their primary purpose is to help students study in US schools; they often have great pre-departure orientations to help new students know what to expect. In addition, they have some information on their website about living in the US: http://educationusa.state.gov/

You can also check with your new school to see if they have information about studying in the USA. For example, the University of North Texas offers all sorts of information about applying, housing, insurance, social security cards, income tax, and activities on campus for international students

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You will succeed if you are positive.

Otherwise you are dooming yourself.

Think positive.

Work hard.

Enjoy the experience.

And set achievable goals that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

And don’t worry too much.