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6800$ for college abroad ?

Am a 18 years old asian student.I gave my IGCSE (international general certificate of secondary eduaction) here in Oman.Now am planning to study anywhere abroad (america,canada,australia,Uk), the problem is i just have about 6800$ (American Dollars) for everything( tickets, addmission, tution,housing etc), and am willing to get a part-time job after i get into college to pay for my day-to day expenses and for the rest of my education.Can anyone please be helpfull enough to suggest me a country and a college that would fit my situation.Am desperately in need of this one people, PLEASE HELP.


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The truth is that for $6800, you are going to find it very hard to meet the financial costs of an international student just for a 9 month semester and it will be impossible for you to complete a 4 year year bachelors degree or even 2 year associates degree with such limited funds.

If you are wanting to study abroad, then you really should research into obtaining a scholarship. Unfortunately my knowledge of this is very limited at best and maybe someone with a greater understanding could better assist you in this area.

However, I will do some research of my own and look for schools which are better suited for your finanacial needs.

And in regards to Dixiefriedloving:

You really need to know what you are talking about before you let your fingers get to work in Google.

Those costs are just for tuition and refer only to in-state students. I mean the least you could do is quote your source:


The first three schools you listed.


University of Nevada – $23,900


Florida State University – $26,000


San Diego State University – $25,000


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Least expensive public schools in the U.S.

1. University of Nevada — Reno, Nev. $2,682

2. Florida State University — Tallahassee, Fla. $2,890

3. San Diego State University — San Diego $2,936

4. University of Florida — Gainesville, Fla. $2,955

5. Florida Atlantic University — Boca Raton, Fla. $3,092

6. Texas A&M University — Kingsville, Texas $3,109

7. Florida International University — Miami $3,156

8. University of South Florida — Tampa, Fla. $3,167

9. University of Central Florida — Orlando, Fla. $3,180

10. University of Nevada — Las Vegas $3,210