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Can anyone give me information on the Rotary Youth Exchange Program?

There will be a presentation tomorrow on this program at my school, but I want to get some background information and get an idea of it. Firstly, tell me about the program. What sets it apart form others? Which countries do you go to and how is it chosen for you? Is it an actual “exchange” where your family gets a foreign student in your place or do you just get sent there? How long is a typical exchange? What are the typical costs involved, and what is an average grand total cost? What about the possible language barrier? And how would you go to school there? How do you get in and what are some points of the application process?

Also, I have traveled with the People To People student ambassador programs. If you are familiar with this organization, what are the similarities and differences that it has to the Rotary programs? Is it truely worth it?

These and any other information would be greatly appreciated!

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You can obtain plenty of information required by you by visiting the following sites :-

www.rotary.org/programs/youth_ex/ – 46k –

www.rotaryyouthexchange.net/ – 36k –


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I don’t know about all of your questions but I do know if you are doing the Rotary exchange you stay with Rotary members of the community you are in. My local Rotary had an exchange student, he rotated between 4 families all year (This just depends on how long a family can take the obligation). when he rotated, it was only 4 times (it was not like a round robin).