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who can give me a summary of the documentary super size me?

please justify in what happened in day 1 and so on>..

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Try this site. It has a summary. Best of luck with it.

A few days ago
Alyssa K
Well, I’m in class right now, so this might take me a while, cause I might have to stop and take a test in like, 4 minutes.


Supersize me is about a man who eats Mcdonalds for 30 days straight. Every health problem ever imaginable from eating unhealthy food happened to him. His cholesterol, blood pressure, and body fat percentage shot up, causeing him to be frequently sick. He lost his sex drive, or passions about anything he really did like. Eventually, he couldn’t even work out anymore. He would get sick everynight and discovered that Texas has the most unhealthy Mcdonalds menu. It concluded that Detoit is the fatest city in the U.S. (great, that’s where I live).