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I need an example of a long apology letter, and/or tips on writing one?

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Well, it’s hard to give an example without knowing the situation! First of all, if you are writing an apology, you have done something wrong. Start with saying:

I apologize for (what you did).

The body should explain in great detail what you did. Do not make excuses, ie: I was stressed, tired, etc. Be completely honest with the person who is receiving the letter.

Close with stating you are apologetic for (what you did), and sign your name.

Very simple, it does not need to be a long letter, just stating the facts, and you are sorry for those facts. Again, no excuses. You did what you did – own up to it!


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First, you should start off by stating to the person(s) what you did wrong and how you can fix (if you can repair it emotionally, physically, or financially). Second, you should tell person(s) how you are going to handle a situation, like the one in question, in the future. MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT try and make excuses or explain WHY you did or said what you are apologizing for. All that says to the person(s) involved is that you are not taking responsibility for your part in the situation at hand. Close the letter by saying something to the effect of “However they (person(s) involved) decide to handle the situation, either by ignoring you for awhile, making you financially responsible if it is a case of damaging something, or if that person just needs space from you” tell them that you will respect their decision and tell them how important they are in your life.

Good luck…whatever the situation.