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Which Ones Are The Official IELTS Practice Materials and Study Guide?

Dear Friends,


I’m Going To Appear For IELTS (ACADEMIC) Test on 11th August, 2007 in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

I Would Like To Ask That Which Are The Official Practice Test? Are They:-

-Cambridge IELTS Practice Test 3, 4 and 5; [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS]

I’m Using Them For Preparing for My IELTS Exam.

And Which One Is The Official Study Guide?

Is Insight into IELTS (PURPLE COVER), Cambridge Publishings!

Please Sought Out Help. I’m Confused, Am I Studying Right.

Please Help.

Yours Sincerely,

Usman Razaq,



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Ali Amirshahi

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all the books you mentioned are good but it’s not that if you read these books you will get full marks !!!!!!

the point is the more you practice the better result you achieve so get some more books try and practice on them and select the best book so you can put more time on it and also use it near the exam date you know how these books are you go throw it one time and the next time you know the answer before reading the questions!!!! so there is no point in reading and using a book twice. in my opinion in order to get a **** mark you should:

First of all get some books about IELTS which has mock exams in them.

Take a mock exam every day that will definitely help you out so you can manage your time well.

After that from now on whenever you here a new word look at the dictionary so in this way you would know its meaning and also spelling.

In your spare time listen to tapes and watch movies.

You could also practice your speaking skills in that way as well as you could speak with yourself predicting what the examiner would ask you and what your answer would be.

This is what I did and got an overall score of 8 with 2, 8.5 in listening and reading a 7 in writing and an 8 in speaking.

This is how you could get ready for the exam.


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