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Which is higher my SAT or ACT??

I got a 1460 total on the SAT with 500CR 470MATH and 490 WRITING

on the ACT I have a composite of 22 with

english 22

math 18(i know really bad)

reading 26

science 23

combined english/writing 22

essay 8

I want to know which score is higher? also if I retake the ACT does it take the combined highest scores in each category?

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The ACT is better because it is slightly above what the average score is (about a 21). While the SAT score is slightly below (1500 is about average). A 22 is about a 1550 when changed between the two. Also, colleges will look at the highest score at one sitting, meaning if you got a 25 the next time, they will take the 25 over the 22. They will not look at the best subscores and exchange different test dates.

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An ACT score of 22 corresponds to a 1560 on the SAT, so your ACT score is higher.

No, the ACT does not combine the highest scores in each category. Only one date’s worth of scores is reported in one score report. This is one major difference between the SAT and the ACT; the SAT’s score report includes all prior testing, and colleges typically use the highest score that they see in each section.


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SAT 2400 ACT 36