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Education abroad!?

is it a good idea to study abroad after high school(12th class)

i’m thinking of doing B.Sc.

(i’m in India)

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I am Kaushik and I have done +2 from India i.e. CBSE and then came to University of Liverpool,UK for doing my engineering and currently I am

in second year.

It’s definetely a good idea to come overseas and trust me – UK is always better for Undergraduate education rather than USA or Germany. It’s not because I am in UK but I did a lot of research on it.

If you need any further help then feel free to contact me on:-

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Sharmila B
In fact I am also thinking of studying abroad especially in Singapore. I want to do a BBA. Studying abroad is a good option because it gives better job prospects if you come back to India.but it is very costly too. Besides studying in foreign country requires a lot of things to get done beforehand like TOEFL, student visas etc.