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need help deciding on a physical therapy graduate school?

I currently going to sacred heart univ. in connecticut and I am not happy at all. I don’t really like the school and i grew up in CT so I’m ready to leave. I am trying to find a PT school that is in a good/fun area with teachers and students that create a great learning environment for every learning style. I am lookingin to Touro and Univ of Vermont….any suggestions????

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I would first like to congratulate you for even getting accepted into a pt program as competition is supposed to be keen with the person needing a 4.0 in prereq’s and overall gpa! If you are not happy with the program, perhaps you can transfer out for the following semester (or one after that depending on admissions process) and take some liberal arts courses, in the meantime, to keep in the groove with attending college. I’m not sure which pt school would fit your learning style, but perhaps the http://www.apta.org website will provide accredited programs to consider. If you need learning/testing accommodations (such as longer time during exams and/or a separate room for testing), please contact the disability services at the school for the policy regardless of where you wind up attending.

For US colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ