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Improving English ACT score?

NOTE: I am from the United States and I am fluent in the English Language. It is a common misunderstanding when I ask English based questions on Yahoo Answers.

I have done well in Math, Reading, and Science. Not English because I made a low 18 on the ACT. I have always done low in English on standardized testing for 5 years.

How do I improve the ACT English score without buying ACT test prep books?

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Getting to know the content is a good way to improve your score. Try to research the way it is formatted on the internet.

Also, when in doubt, choose the shortest answer. A student who knew NO English whatsoever could score between a 14 and a 18 on the English parts by choosing the shortest answer. And remember, if there is a chance to omit, that option is the shortest answer.

Also, study up on grammar because that is mostly what it is about.

And finally, read as much as you can because it really does help with standardized testing.


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Wow, great job overall!! The best way to improve your English score, if you’re serious about this, is to buy multiple ACT Prep booklets. They have 2 practice tests in the back, pull out the English part only. Do one practice story/section at a time and give yourself 9 minutes. Then look at the answer key and review the ones you missed.

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You don’t. Sorry. You’re going to need some reference material. Your library might have some you can check out, but there’s no way around looking up grammar rules and internalizing them so you know where to apply them. Try http://www.sparknotes.com/testprep/act/ for an online version of a test prep book.

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Read lots of books.

Get a tutor.

I’d recommend the ACT test prep books though.


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You should have a grammar book as part of your high school curriculum. If you are not covering grammar in school, get that book and study it. This is what teaches you correct grammar. If you know correct grammar, you will do well on the English portion.