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i wanna know about Japanese language with each situation?

i wanna know about Japanese language with each situation?exp.when they go shopping,company,at school.at home,at post office,ect or with close friends,unclose friends,elder pp ,younger pp.and more details that u know^^ thank u

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask exactly, but with close friends, people who are my age, family members and children I usually use the “plain form”. I feel more comfortable using the plain form because it’s a short cut of the “polite form”. I use the “polite form” towards elderly and superiors.

Hope I answered your question πŸ™‚


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Well, your question is very extensive. But I can impart some of what I know to you. i studied the language. πŸ™‚


Ikura desu ka= How much?

Zenbude ikura desu ka=How much is the total?

Hitotsu* kudasai= One* of it, please.

Wakarimashita=I understand.

futatsu=2 mitsu=3 yotsu=4 itsutsu=5 mutsu=6 nanatsu=7 yatsu=8 kokonotsu=9 too=10 ju-ichi=11 ju-ni=12 etc…


Hajimemashite= How do you do?

Yoroshiku= Nice to meet you.

(Anata no)Namae wa nandesu ka=What is your name?

(Namae wa) Seiji desu=(My) name is Seiji.

Sore* wa nandesu ka=What is it*?

*Kore=this *are=that

Ima, nanji desu ka=(Now, what time?) What time is it now?

Toire* wa doko desu ka=Where is (a) toilet*?

Asoko* desu=Over there.

*koko=here *soko=there

Nihon-ryoori wa doo desu ka=How is the Japanese cuisine?

(Nihon-ryoori wa)Shinsen* desu=Fresh*

*Oishi=delicious *kenkoo=healthy

Well, I think that’s quite long enough. Whoow… If you’re planning on studying the language, I suggest you expound you’re Nihongo vocabulary first, so that it’ll be a hell lot easier to construct sentences. Ganbate kudasai! πŸ™‚



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Go to Amazon.

Search for “Situational Japanese”.


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“ta-ba-ko mo-ra-te mo-e”

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