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I need someone smart in Science!?

Well, I’ve been sick for a week and we’re having an exam review due tommorow. I don’t quite understand these problems, you can help if you would like! 🙂

1.) A measurement standard is

A. A system of prefixes

B. The distance between two points

C. The exact quantity of people who agree for comparison.

D. the interval between two events.

2.) The best type of graph to use to show how some fixed quantity is broken down into parts is…

A. line

B. Bar

C. Circle

D. Scatter

Another term for technology is

A. Applied Science

B. Energy

C. Matter

D. Pure Sciences

The process of gathering information through the sense is called…

A. Analysis

B. Observation

C. Hypothesis

D. Inference

When disigning an experiment, the first step is to…

A. Analyze the Data

B. List a procedure

C. State a hypothesis

D. State the problem

An eplanation of an event that is based on repeated observations and experiments is a

A. Hypothesis

B. Scientific Law

C. Problem

D. Theory

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It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure that..

1. B . The distance between two points

2.D. Scatter

3.A. Applied Science

4.B. Observation

5 C. State a hypothesis

6. B. Scientific Law


Now go to your book and look up the definitions and then read the paragraph in that chapter until you understand! Good luck!


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This is homework *help*; you’ve merely posted your assignment. Show what you’ve done so far: what answers you’ve eliminated, what principles you believe are appropriate, and where you’re stuck. Simply handing you the answers would be cheating.

Since most of this information comes from basic definitions in your textbook, I strongly recommend that you review the chapter. You’ll need to be quite familiar with the scientific method. If you’ve been sick for a week and haven’t had time to study, try contacting your teacher to request an extension … and agree on a date for your make-up exam. Ideally, that could be in the period when tomorrow’s exam is handed back.


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You should read your book rather than getting all the answers, that way you’ll learn all this stuff which you’ll never use in your adult life, unless your a scientist.