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homework help?!?!?

im doing a science project where i have to ask a question and answer it with measureable results… what do you think i should do? i have until tommorow to finish it so no freezing water or anything.. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

no rude comments please.

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im not sure if this helps but here it goes………………

Theres 5 different color liquids of measurements going up from 7mm-11mm

(you pick the colors)

adding 1mm from each cup to the next measure the rusults and write the new color

THen put your results on a data chart

hope it helped


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I had the same problem once. The project I did was, “Do light cigarettes deposit less tar than regular cigarettes.” You need your parents to supervise all this though. You just put a small hole in the bulb of a turkey baster and put a cotton ball in the tube. Place a lit cigarette in the hole in the bulb and pump until the cigarette is spent. Take out the cotton ball and weigh it on a scale. Subtract the original weight of that same cotton ball from the weight that you get after using it as a filter. The number you have left over is the weight of your tar. Put all the data in your log, make a line graph of the tar content in different brands, and explain your research method. I got an A when I did this and it only took me a few hours. The only downside is that you probably don’t have any scientific scale to measure all this, so try to get to school early and do the measurements in the morning. If you can’t do that, just make up the numbers. The bonus to doing a project like this is that tar is gross and it teaches people not to smoke and your teachers will like the real-world applicability of your project. Hope this helps, and you really shouldn’t wait until the last minute on these things.

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Amber W


maybe something with weather records, momentum (ball rolling and swinging and such), magnets, food rotting/spoiling, etc.

I don’t know when you were assigned this, but I’m going to guess you’ve procrastinated…so next time get a head start, girl!