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Help on my GHP application?

We have this program in Georgia where a certain number of high school students from each county go to a college campus in Valdosta for 6 weeks during the summer to have a college-like experience. I passed the test to go on to county interviews, and i am in the process of filling out my application. There is a question that asks why I think I should be selected as a finalist. I’ve written about how I love to learn and think it would be a great experience to learn in an environment with others who have similar passions as me (I’ll be “majoring” in Social Studies) and how I would love to meet new people to learn about different views of the state, country, world, etc. I feel that my response was too short, though. What kinds of things do you think I should put? I’m open to suggestions, and dont worry that I’m going to put down everything that sounds good. I just want ideas so I can apply them to myself or get inspiration for new ideas. Thanks so much!

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Just think if you got selected without any help, wouldn’t you be proud of yourself. Hold your head high and go for it. Be your own person.