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helm me please hard questions!! 10 points for best answer!!1?

i need help with my American history homework! if you can answer all of them or whoever can answer the most will get 10 points!! thanks!

1.which of these is most true of the thirteen colonies by the end of the colonial period?

a. Maine was the largest independent colony.

b. The Great Lakes were an importanttransportation route in these English colonies.

c. New York was a fine harbor not only becaues it was on the Atlantic, but also becuase it was near a major river.

d. Most of the colonial population settled west of the appalachians.

2. Which colony was most like Rhode Island in the low opinion its neighbors had of it?

a. Virginia

b. New York

c. North Carolina

d. Maryland

3. Which colony was founded for reasons most similiar to those of the Puritans of the Masuchusesttes Bay company

a. Deleware

b. Pennsylvannia

c. New Jersey

d. South Carolina

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1c, 2a, 3c

i need the 10 points and i know history!PLZZZZZZ


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Sorry love, but all that time you spent on typing the questions and answers here, could have been invested more fruitfully into typing the same questions into google, wikipedia… or a bit of page-flipping in your history coursebook. 🙂

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Acappella S
look it up, don’t ask people to do your homework for u

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