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driving test help people help cmon cmon?

can anyone tell me how a driving test is gonna go like step by step? wat is he gonna say n stuff like that? i have it tommorow

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Well I was just in driving school and going to take my driving test….These might be helpfull to remember.

The first thing you do when you get in the car is to adjust the seat, then mirrors the put on your seat belt.

When you are doing lane changes or turning always check your blind spots.

When you turn put your signal on 3 houses from the block you are turning.

Check your mirrors after every speed limit sign or 6-8 seconds.

Always go the speed limit no more.

The Y-Turn can fail you so here is how you do it. When you are doing a Y-Turn signal to the curb you are going to pull over by then check your blind spot. Once pulled over to the curb signal out to the street again check your blind spot. Pull out to the other side of the street. Then check traffic both ways put car in reverse then go slowly use no gas unless you have to untill you get in the middle of the street. Signal off check traffic agian and pull off.

Also when they ask to park down hill or uphill you signal off then check your blind spot pull over and put it in park then pull your e-break up. After uphill you turn your wheel towards the street. Down hill you turn the wheel to the curb. Then when you take off you turn your wheel once around put e-break down and put in drive then you signal out check blind spot and resume.

I hope this helps sorry for all the info but any other ?’s contact me and good luck.


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show me tell me questions, he will ask you a few questions which might be… how to check the level for the liquids under the bonnet, such as the hydraulic brake fluid, engine coolant, windscreen washer liquid, engine oil, also how to check the lights/indicators work.

he will then ask you to do a quick eyetest, just simply ask you to read a numberplate a few steps away.

he will have a green driving test report and will put a tick each time you make a mistake in that area, and add them up. he will not fail you until the end. if you think u have made a mistake, carry on, dont let the nerves get to you.

its approx 45 minutes.

dont wear jewlery on your hands, its a reflection hazard from the sunlight, and check your examiner has their seatbelt on before you start.

Here are a few reasons why some of my friends failed their test:

lack of observation.



not giving way

slow response to signs

use of mirrors

control of the car

hope this help. good luck!


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You are gonna Drive around a mile. Just check your mirrors alot and use signals and you’ll be fine. O don’t speed.

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anne b
Usually the testers are pretty formal..no chit chat. They will tell you where to go, turn, do 3 pt. turn, etc. Good luck! It takes about 5 minutes.