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Public Ivy Transfer with a 3.3. GPA?

I recently asked a similar question, but I’d like to clarify it.

I’m transferring from a small school, University of Louisiana, and trying to make some informed deicisions about where I want to go. I’d like to work towards a Master’s in International Affairs.

I have 40 hours worth of coursework from a broad liberal arts curriculum, all A’s and B’s, with one C, with a 3.3 GPA.

I’ve realized the importance of going to a good undergrad school and I’m questioning my plan to go LSU, and considering spending next spring just working and applying to better schools all over the nation, and even Canada. If nothing works out I’ll start LSU in the summer.

Would I have a chance of getting into a so called Public Ivy or one of the top Canadian schools to study Political Science/Economics/International Studies? I feel that it would be worth spending the money if I end up in an Ivy League grad school and a more productive career. My parents can’t really relate to me making that move. Advice?

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I’m going to be applying for transfer to several ivy league schools next year.. I’m hoping to keep up a 3.7 – 3.8 gpa and do Honors courses. This is really what you’re going to want to aim for grades and courses..

If you’re considering Canada, I’ve many friends who’re at UBC and McGill, and they really are great schools, despite the fact that most Americans don’t know they exist.. Anyway, you should aim for getting at least a 3.5 and or honors with that.

The guy above said that after a while “nobody will care what school you attended.” That may be true, but the friends you make from these top school will be really outgoing people who’re motivated and interested. So keep at it.

Email me sometime if you want to collaborate on transfer ideas. Cheers


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the various ivies do no longer settle for any move scholars. those that do take a million-2% of applicants. meaning at the same time as one hundred human beings persist with, one or 2 receives in. all and assorted using to move has the optimal grades of their instructions and extremely severe attempt rankings. they are seeking for some distance better than that. Many different all and assorted is using to move from different properly colleges. you want to have an extremely good reason to spend your very last 2 years at that express colleges – motives like particular substances or professors in difficulty-free words they grant, that you want to contain on your artwork. Your probabilities of shifting into an ivy are vanishingly small. they don’t choose scholars using in accordance to call attractiveness, yet that is all you’re doing.

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Your best chance at an Ivy league grad school is to ace the GRE’s (public Ivy or no public Ivy). It is a bit harsh to say this, but a couple of years out of school and nobody will care what school you attended. Also kep in mind that in your field, people typically make 5 vocational shifts before they settle down in their respect careers.

Good luck.


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Sorry, but you’re not going to get into an Ivy League school with only a 3.3 GPA.