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Mike Gaol

Can you please please help me in my english essay?

i need help making a strong thesis statement that states the new york mets and the new york yankees in an compare+contrast essay.

also should i make one one of those things that are 2 circles and the left is mets and right is yankees and in the middle is both?

thank you

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Big John Studd

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The two circles you refer to is called a Venn Diagram. On the left you show only the Met’s characteristics, on the right, the Yankees. In the middle you show what they both have in common (e.g. lots of money).

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sum1 w/ @n @nsw3r
First off, I think that you should make a Venn Diagram because it will be very helpful when making your points, especially since your essay is a compare and contrast essay. It is a very important resource; it’s easy to understand because it’s organized; and when writing your essay, you could find all of your points on one page without a hassle.

Here are a couple tips for writing a thesis statement for this particular one:

> Include both “New York Mets” and “New York Yankees” so the reader knows who you’re talking about.

> Make it clear that you are comparing and contrasting the two teams, so the reader knows what to look for.

> A thesis statement is one to two sentences.

> A thesis statemnt is a guide to your whole essay.

> It helps to bettr organize and develop all of your points and your essay.

Here is an example:

The New York Mets and the New York Yankees are New York’s only two professional baseball teams as well as two of the MLB’s best teams, yet they have many differences that make them two great teams.