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Lesson plan for special education children?

I am in high school and am taking health class. One of the assignment is to make/find a lesson plan for special-ed/children with disabilities and teach it to them. Does anyone have any idea on what can I do? I can only use one period of class time which is only about 45 minutes. So it have to be something quick and educational.

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How old are the special education kids? if they are old enough to know fractions, you can turn it into a math/ following directions project, with cooking. get a recipe of something that has quite afew ingredients, but also something that you can make in less than 45 minutes, like cookies. make the recipe of the thing your cooking too little or too big of amount, and then for the class have them figure out how much of each ingredient they need if the recipe needs to be doubled or tripled, or cut in half or divided by three or whatever amount. then you can have them make it with the measuring spoons and cups.

it would be working with math and following directions, and cooperation skills.

45 minutes would be long enough to figure out the math and get all the ingredients mixed together. cookies would be the easiest thing that I can think of. you would probably have to store the mix in the fridge or something and bake them later, then give them to the kids. at my school I know theres the home economics classroom that they would let you put them in the oven to bake.

You’d want to plan out how they should work together on this project. If theres quite afew students split them into groups that each group can make there own batch.

Hope this is an appropriete lesson plan for your assignment. good luck with it.


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Teach them to play a game. Some games for children with mental retardation are “War”, Uno and Dominoes. Board games that are good include “Sorry” and Candyland. Social skills are very important to children with mental retardation.

Your lesson plan should start with the words, “The student will be able to:

I. Play a card game while demonstrating turn taking and appropriate interactions with another player.

A. The student will demonstrate a knowledge of Uno skills by playing a hand of cards with 4 or fewer prompts.

B. The student will be able to congratulate another player who wins the game.

C. The student will able to thank another player for a good game when he wins the game.

First teach and practice the actual game skills.

Second teach and practice appropriate comments during the game.

Third, teach and practice good sportsmanship when losing or winning the game.


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SPED Teacher
I agree that cooking is a great lesson plan. I cook with my class each week. I would suggest writing a recipe with picture symbols, so the students who can’t read would be able to follow along. A great program for this is Writing With Symbols, which is great if you have access to it, if not you can do it inserting clip art from Word. I would also include a cooking safety reminder in your lesson plan- not touch oven, handling knives and sharp objects appropriately, cleaning, washing hands, using soap and hot water for dishes, etc. Things that seem like common sense are not always for students with disabilities. This site has good ideas and tips for cooking with students with disabilities


Good Luck!


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How approximately baking cookies? remember what foodstuff plan regulations there may well be and supply 2 ideas( ex:sugar cookies or gingerbread). it somewhat is recommended to apply visuals mutually with Johnson/ Meyers photos to latest possibilities besides as walking throughout the stairs. a million) First collect bowl, spoon, measuring cups and so on… you additionally can image products and laminate the photos.

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You can do book lesson plans, or block books and puzzles, go to this website and put in http://www.teachnet.ie/imagee/ this should help.