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Im going 2 b a freshman n college & was wondering if anyone has advice on how much is too much stuff 2 bring?

My college is 2 hrs. away from home and I will probably be coming home at least once a month. I will also be sharing a 2 person room with 2 other people, making a total of 3 people in one little dorm room.

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I think it depends on how you are moving.

If you are having your parents drop you off and you are bring your stuff in their vehicle, then bring as much as possible. If it doesn’t fit, you could always have your parents take it back to their house.

If you are taking a plane/train or other means and have no way to send back an “excess,” then I would say take less stuff and think about getting other things later (during a break). It will also force you to focus on what is most important to you. Laptop or computer should be high on the list as well as clothes. Since you will be “coming home at least once a month,” I would think that you should begin with less things at school and then bring things as you see space/need for them.


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B. D Mac
A Dorm usually has a small 3 or 4 drawer dresser, a small bookcase, a twin bed and a desk. That is it! Unless you make yourself a loft. That is all the room you have.

Try to find a plastic basket with a handle that will hold all your toiletries if you share a bathroom. Some people like to wear shower shoes and if you do not want to carry all your clothes to the shower, then you will need a robe.

A good item to have is one of those popcorn poppers that turn into an electric skillet when you take the bowl off. Most dorms allow popcorn poppers but they will not allow hot-plates! A small fridge is good too!

Good Luck in School!


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talk to your roommates about what their bringing since theirs no point of having two of everything. check your college list on what it is that your not allowed to bring into the dorms. that should shorten your list by a lot. also remember that their are 2 other people in the room and each of them is bringing their own stuff start by choosing things you know that you need, then pick things that you really want to take with you. and then pick about a third of things your unsure if you should take with you or not take with you.