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Article Help again?

I’m looking for an american Article on the Arabic Alliance or something? I need it from a Global type source such as New York Times or such (It can be off the internet) may someone help?

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Different people are comfortable with different search engines for news articles. Here is one I like to use.


“the Arabic Alliance or something” is not a very good search criteria … if you are not sure of the correct name of the organization, you are going to have a very hard time finding anything about them, because many organizations have similar names. However, I found 117 recent articles that contain the words “Arabic” and or “Alliance”


My search for “Arabic Alliance”, where I limited it to those two words in that sequence, did not turn up any articles


I suggest you look at some of my links to see if this is close to what you looking for. Seems to me there is no organization that calls itself that name, that this is a generic concept.

I had better luck on the regular internet