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I’m failing my precalc class in high school during my senior year, can a CSU reject me for this?

Horrible I know!

But I already fill the 3 years of mathematics requirement so does it matter that I’m failing Precalc, which is, to them… I’m guessing… just an extra year of math? I’m thinking about dropping the class and maybe being put into a slower, non precalc class. Or if I do actually fail it, will I be able to go to summer school and make it up right before I go to college?

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im worried about the same thing cause i have a C- in pre calc and im in junior year the most important year, but i think we will be ok

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I was wondering the same thing? I may be failing my english class and am unsure of what happens. Last year I took summer school, but I don’t want to do that again. If I were you I would do what I am doing and talk with your guidance counselor and review options. There may be a last minute make

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It depends on the college…my senior year I got a C in math (second semester), and I had already been admitted to college (early decision.) Towards the end of the school year they sent me a letter basically saying that it was unacceptable and that I need to write to them and explain my bad grade or my admission would be revoked.

Luckily I guess I made a good case and they didn’t kick me out. But they CAN kick you out for that–some schools require you to keep the same GPA that you were admitted with, or else you’re out.

Check with the school. AND WORK HARDER.