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I want to help/teach children with autism, what are some jobs revolving around that? or what are they called.?

I already know about being an occupational therapist, but are there any jobs that specialize in autism, or anything else..pay…, ect ect ect

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Teachers Aides

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

Multi Sensory therapy

Occupational therapy

Physio therapist or physical therapy

Speech & or language therapy

Music therapy

Disability support worker

Are all beneficial to children especially with children with learning and or conditions falling into the Autistic spectrum.


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The field of Behavior Analysis is wide open at this time. Applied Behavior Analysis is one of the most successful treatments for autism and many in the field are involved. It is a fascinating way to work with autistic kids and most jobs pay quite well.

I know that the University of South Florida, the University of North Texas and the University of Oregon all have programs for this specialty. There are others, but these are the ones I know about.

You can also go into teaching. There are many universities with special ed programs.


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You can become a teacher, then get a master’s in sp. education, or if you aren’t into higher education, schools always need aides to help the teachers in the classrooms. There might be 1 teacher and 1-4 aides. Speech therapy has a shortage of people.

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Speech therapist (school based services), behavior specialist (work with kids who have autism and help teachers address specific behaviors), autism focus teacher, program specialist (work with teachers and oversee autism classrooms), etc…