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Donna N

does anyone know about the 504 plan and ADD?

My chhild was called on the otherday and was scolded because he was not reading aloud loud enough.

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If the not reading aloud accommodation is on the 504, then the teacher needs to be educated that it is not an option- they are in violation of IDEA. If they are not part of the 504, then call a meeting and get them on there.

To get the teachers’ buy in, present it with examples of how, in the long run, it will make it easier for her to get her job done.


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Well, your statement below the question doesn’t really clarify the 504 plan issue or ADD. A 504 plan is something that the school can put a child on for specific needs, when an IEP for special education is not an option for the child has been found to not qualify for special education. I have had a few students who had 504 plans for ADHD but were not special ed students. If you are concerned about this, contact the school, and see what exactly is on your child’s 504 plan. Also, you should have received a copy of it when they had the meeting to put him on the 504 plan. If you child is not diagnosed by a physician as ADD, specific accomodations for that will not be included in the 504 plan. Hope this helps.

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A 504 Plan is a legal document that is part of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. It provides for students with special needs to receive accommodations to the regular curriculum. These can include special considerations that may assist you ADD child. A child has to have an impairment that restricts at least one major life activity.

In order to have a 504 Plan, there has to be educational relevance. If your child is doing very poorly in school, you can go talk with your school’s counselor and discuss the 504 Plan with her. Ask for a meeting for your child to consider a 504 Plan. Research the possible accommodations for ADD on the ‘Net before the meeting so that you know what you want.

Your son has to have special needs to receive 504 accommodations, so you should go to your doctor to get a copy of the ADD diagnosis.

In terms of the scolding your child got, please discuss it with the teacher. Also consider working with your child at home to teach him to read a bit louder. Chance are he reads softly because he is embarrassed when he reads, so practice may help.


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I don’t think your question is related to your clarifying sentence. Has your child had a problem with speaking loudly enough in class for a long time?

It does not sound to me as though your question about 504 Plan and ADD is related to a scolding for not reading loudly enough.

Has your child been diagnosed with ADD? Does your child have a 504 Plan? If not, what accommodations do you think your child needs due to the ADD?

I don’t think that being allowed to read inaudibly in class is a relevant accommodation for a student with ADD.

That might be a relevant accommodation for a child who has a voice impairment, or who has a social phobia.

You might have a grumpy teacher though. Have you tried talking to the teacher about your concerns? If that didn’t work, did you try talking to your school principal about the problem? That’s usually the way to begin to deal with a school problem.


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Eagles Fly
What the heck was that all about. Scolding a kid for not reading loud enough. That’s a new one on me. Any other time they’re told to be quite and don’t be so loud. Tell the teacher they should invest in a microphone so the problem (according to the teacher) would be solved.

Sorry, I don’t know about the 504 plan so I can’t help you on that one. Got my curiosity going though. Will have to find out about that.

ADD is my subject as I have ADD. Will try to put this as simply as I can. I do go off at the mouth. That’s one thing, by the way with ADD, yak, yak, yak. and then forgetting what you were saying right in the middle of conversation. Have to tell people all the time “just lost it, may come to me later.” Usually does when talking about something totally different.

Concentration, distractions, remembering, focusing in are all part of ADD. I have notes for myself all over my kitchen counter to remind me of appointments and so forth. Sometimes I have three notes of the same thing. Can’t put them on refrg. or bulletin board. Have to see them and re-read them all the time just to be sure.

Husband just loves it when I ask him the same question three or four times. Tell him to leave me alone, I have ADD. Have to have a little fun once and awhile.

ADD people have to be organized. I put car keys in same place purse in same place along with everything else I have.

There’s nothing like getting up and going to a different room to get something and you just stand there trying to remember what you’re looking for.

Daughter thanks me all the time for passing ADD and ADHD on to her and her two children. ADD is hereditary and is passed on right down the line. Otherwise we are all doing just fine. We are all taking meds which do help despite what I said above.

Sure wish I knew about all this when I was in grade school and high school. It all went in one ear and out the other. Couldn’t comprehend so just shut down. Somehow I made it through 30 yrs of working (office) so something must have sunck in.

Children can be diagnosed as young as three yrs old but doctors won’t do anything until the children are a little older like 5 or 6 yrs old.

ADHD is the same except the “H” stands for hyper activity.

Children have a hard time sitting in there chair at school or at home for that matter. They’re always go, go, go. Wish I had some of that energy. ADD doesn’t mean that children or adults can’t be brilliant people. The meds straighten things out in the brain. There are many, many smart and brilliant people with ADD who run multi-million dollar companies, artists, professors, authors you name it. You get over the hurtles and live a normal, happy life.

Pick up a couple of books from the library and learn about ADD. You can even go on the Web and find info.


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Some 504s include a “positive behavior plan” for children with ADD/ADHD. This plan will outline constructive behavior management techniques for this child. These plans provide consistant stretegies across the school day and with all school personnel, including the classroom teacher.

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Sounds like you need to go to the next level: an IEP. The school is legally required by federal law to provide accommodations and modifications that are listed on the IEP. I would also try to get another teacher. This one sounds hostile.

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I don’t know that this is related to a 504 plan. You need to clarify more.