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Central Auditory processing disorder what happens when you have it??

Central Auditory processing disorder what happens when you have it??

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Usually the person is quite sensitive to loud noises, performance improves in quieter settings, hard to follow conversations or abstract information.

May be due to head traumas or lead poisoning .

there are a range of symptoms. see the source below


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Hi, Auditory processing is a combined problem that has a variety of solutions. Once diagnosed with this then you can appropriately address the specific needs for that individual. You may want to surf a web-site that will have answers to your questions.

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yes, it has to do with sensitivity to sound, but it also has to do with the ability to process what is heard. hearing is very complex. it is often present in children with ADD or ADHD, people with learning disabilities (my students with word recall problems experience central processing disorder), and children with autism. here are some symptoms:

1. Difficulty hearing in noisy situations

2. Difficulty following long conversations

3. Difficulty hearing conversations on the telephone

4. Difficulty learning a foreign language or challenging vocabulary words

5. Difficulty remembering spoken information (i.e., auditory memory deficits)

6. Difficulty taking notes

7. Difficulty maintaining focus on an activity if other sounds are present child is easily distracted by other sounds in the environment

8. Difficulty with organizational skills

9. Difficulty following multi-step directions

10. Difficulty in directing, sustaining, or dividing attention

11. Difficulty with reading and/or spelling

12. Difficulty processing nonverbal information (e.g., lack of music appreciation)

here is a website i like better…


that’s where i found the list of symptoms.