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What is the alternative learning outcome from a Christ-centred education?

Desmonstrate cognitive skills and learning outcomesstemming from a Christ-centred distance education dedicated to integrity, excellence, and innovation

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I am a Christian and I am a teacher. However, I have no idea what your question and statement means. Maybe you should reword and simplify if you want answers.

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Not sure if you’re looking for a technical answer–if so, sorry.

But I coudn’t resist commenting: “distance education”?????

Following Christ s about how we interact with and treat other people. You can get the “rules” for that from the New Testament. The rest is getting out and doing it–helping, teaching, caring for one’s fellow human beings.

Education otherwise is inherantly topical–history, math, science, etc. But that’s huan knowledge and should not be mixed with teaching a child about God and morality.