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david w

what`s the plural of the word metropolis and of the word necropolis?

i wonder if it`s metro/necropoleis,or metro/necropoles, or metropolises,necropolises

what is the right one and how is it pronounced

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Metropolises and necropolises are most commonly used, although metropoli and necropoli are also correct.

Meh TRAH pull iss ez,

meh TRAH pull eye.

Neck CROP ull iss ez,

neck CROP ull eye.

If you’re using the plural ‘metropoli’ or ‘necropoli,’ you don’t add an ‘s’ to the end. It’s plural as it stands.


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The plural of the word is most commonly metropolises, though metropoli is sometimes used as well.


necropolis (plural: necropolises or necropoleis)