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What’s a top paying ‘social’ job I can get with a Bachelor’s degree?

I’m interested in being ‘involved’ with people in some way, whether that be counseling, social services, something in journalism, etc. However, I hate school, and would like to find something where I only have to earn a bachelor’s degree. What are some top paying jobs that wouldn’t be too difficult getting into? I know there’s a lot of competition with jobs in journalism, and I really don’t want to spend another four years after college trying to find a job, even though journalism is something I’ve always been interested in.

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If you are interested in journalism, go for it! There is always room for an outstanding student. A journalism major has to do internships and I have seen a number of students be hired right out of college to join the newspaper or magazine where they interned. Much of journalism is learned on the job; the trick is getting your foot in the door. Journalism is one of the few occupations where your educational credentials do not limit your promotions, which are based on performance.

If you want to consider other “people” job choices that take only a four-year degree – well, those are just not going to be top paying. Even for social work, which is one of the lower paying jobs, you will never get anywhere unless you have a master’s degree.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor has compiled a lot of statistics on all kinds of jobs, giving the education/training required, pay, working conditions, etc. at this site, called the Occupational Outlook Handbook:


Their statistics are always about three years behind but you can at least see how the pay at one job compares with another.



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