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transferring college credits?

How do you find out if you can transfer credits from one university to another? For example, my family is looking at relocating to the southern states and currently live in Michigan. I am attending Davenport University online and would love to transfer to the University of Texas online. Would it be better to get mt associates at the University I am at now and then try to get my bachelors at Texas? Someone who knows how this works and can give me some real advice please help.

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If both schools involved are regionally accredited (both in your example are) then the credit will generally transfer provided that it fits in the degree program of the new school.

Where we often run into transfer trouble is 1) course level and 2) applicability.

If you were to take vocational/occupational courses (ie: auto mechanics) at one college, those credits likely won’t transfer to an academic degree at a 4-year college. The same is true of remedial courses such as remedial composition or remedial math.

The courses also have to fit into your new degree program. My credits from an AS in Nursing didn’t transfer into my degree program for a BA in Music — there are no nursing credits in a music degree.

Usually, if your credit meets the regionally accredited, academic level, and applicability requirements – it will transfer.

Remember though, accepting credit in transfer is not a right. Every college is allowed to accept or decline whatever they want to. Some colleges are very generous (Excelsior College) while others are very restrictive (Princeton). The most generous will accept everything that meets their requirements, the most restrictive accept nothing at all. Most limit transfer credit to 90/120 (3/4) of the degree while some limit to 60/120 and some will transfer 120/120.

Wrapping the associates will give you a complete credential and maybe a boost for your ego (a good thing) but won’t really make a difference either way at most colleges.


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hula wabbit
First think about what school you want to graduate from. Then check with that school to determine if they will accept your credits from your current school. Sometimes schools have Transfer Credit database searches on their websites. You can do a preliminary search on whether or not your credits from Davenport will be accepted at the University of Texas (UT).

As for you finishing up your Associates degree from Davenport, that would depend on whether or not your credits from Davenport will be accepted at UT. If they will not accept your credits, it might not be a wise decision to continue since eventually you want a bachelor’s degree from UT. You’ll be spending your time and money on courses that won’t pertain to your bachelor’s degree.

Best wishes on your college career!


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