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How do you cite quotation from a story?

Ok I’m quoting 5 words from a shortstory in my essay using quotatiopn marks… I just wanna knoe what do you put in the brackets beside the quote….the page number only?

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It depends. What citation style are you using? I’m assuming MLA, because Chicago uses footnotes. But if it is MLA, you don’t use brackets, you use parenthesis.

It’s also best if you introduced the author w/a “signal phrase” that indentifies the author, the quote, then follow with (page #). Unless you found this short story in an anthology or some collection of stories, in which case you would put, (qtd. in Editor/Author ###). Where the editor/author=the editor/author of the anthology, not the story.

So for instance, if it’s quoted from a book by the author:

According to Ernest Hemingway, “life blah blah blah” (37).

or if it’s from an anthology or collection:

According to Ernest Hemingway, “life blah blah blah” (qtd. in Brown 37).

where Brown is the editor/author of the anthology/collection.

Also, note that in MLA the period goes AFTER the paranthesis. If this didn’t help, refer to the page below I’ve listed as a source and it explains how to do most of the citations you’ll run across.