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funny jokes or sayings for cell phones?

Do u know any funny jokes or sayings like : happy sister day u may or may not be blood but u have my heart

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laura d.

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CNN reports that a crazed mental patient escaped from the psychiatric ward. $100.000 reward. You know I love you and all but I really need the money so… where you at?


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No, airplane mode isn’t silent mode. In silent mode the telephone is estimated to artwork yet no longer make noise (ring, key tones, notification tones) at the same time as on airplane mode the telephone would not enable any of the radios to artwork (i.e. it behaves as though no SIM card is obtainable) for this reason allowing you to apply the PDA area of a telephone even interior the airplane, the place otherwise using the telephone is illegitimate via concern of radio interference. My suggestion is to in no way use the airplane profile and while interior the airplane ask the flight attendants whether using the telephone in that mode is risk-free. As for something of your long tale (I even have not study all of it) I even have few words for you: study the person’s instruction manual, a tree became into killed to have that revealed so the least you’re able to do is study it as quickly as.

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Someone sent me a text message a year ago, that went something like this:

2day is da day of da

disabled. Plz send

an encouraging msg

2 a retarded

friend, just a I did 2

u. U hang in there sunshine. U r fukn



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even if i do, i’d spend my text bank to send important txt messages only. but if u really have to for ur special someone, for sure any lines that u created urself will be appreciated by your special someone.