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how do i get an amended tax return?

iam trying to apply for financial aid for school. my husband and i filed separetely but the tax preparer put me as single. will i get into trouble for that i did receive a refund the financial aid office said i have to file an amended tax form

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If you filed Separately and your husband filed ANYTHING but single or HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD and you live in sEPARATE HOMES, you would NOT have to file an amended return… HOWEVER, if you are living in the same house, are still MARRIED… you either have to file MARRIED FILING SEPARATELY as long as that is the filing status your HUSBAND USED AS WELL… If not and he filed MARRIED and used your SS# on the tax returns, you will both have to refile an amended return and use your TRUE status….you PROBABLY will either OWE more tax (state AND federal) or, if you file married filing jointly, you MAY get a larger refund….it all depends on how creatively you and IF either used itemized deductions the first time or IF you can use them on the AMENDED returns and who claims the kids if there are any…. Try to file tax returns truthfully, an AUDIT is a TERRIBLE thing to go through…. honesty is the best policy…. and since you did NOT file correctly, this will HOLD UP any financial aid you COULD have gotten for school…. SORRY….

You can get amended returns ONLINE—IRS.com and for the STATE income tax return go to your state tax department’s website and click on FORMS AND PUBLICATIONS and look for both forms that say AMENDED…. for example—for New York state forms, you go to the New York State Tax department website and then click on forms and publications and then click on the year and the form type–(2006-Amended)….. example.