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Antonio E

Can I get into Fordham University?

SATs- 1140/1600 ( 520- Reading 620- Math)

GPA- 94 average

AP’s- AP Psych. AP Physics AP European history Ap English

I took a summer course woth 4 college credits at NYU for 6 weeks during the summer

I 9 extracurricular activites during my 4 years in school

I am in the National Honors Society

I have 150+ community service hours

I am Vice President of one of my extracurricular activites

The only thing i am EXTREMLY worried about are my SAT scores.. im taking it again and i HAVE to do better in reading, but i want to know how close I am to Fordham University as of now

Thanks for your help =)

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You will have some trouble with your SAT scores but it seems you have advantages with your other factors. Most schools love the community service and stuff so thats good for you. Go and interview there because that shows interest which they DO take into consideration. Definitely apply, I think you are very competitive there and if you can retake the SAT. Good luck!