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why do some teachers don’t understand the situation of some students?

why are they judgemental?

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I would have to bet that the judgemental and “non-understanding” teachers are simply NOT very good teachers.

I realize it must be tough being an educator. The pay is not the greatest, you deal with many kids at one time and it has to wear on your patience at times. Some younger teachers are so new to teaching that they either do a great job or end up disappointed by what they had always hoped teaching would be like. Some older teachers are basically burnt out after many years of service in the field.

I don’t know the specific situation of judgement you are speaking of…but the teachers are there to educate you and our tax payer dollars help support the schools. If you feel something is REALLY out of line, I’d discuss it with parents or maybe a higher authority, (such as principal or counselor), at the school. Otherwise, all I can recommend is the student does their best and tries to realize we don’t exactly know where that particular teacher’s misunderstandings are coming from. Teachers are regular people, too…and just like everyone else, we find some people are nice and others are…well, you know.

But all in all, a teacher is supposed to put aside judgements and personality issues for the higher purpose…which is to educate youth.


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If you want someone to understand your situation, you need to communicate with them. I suggest you ask to speak with the teacher in private and explain how you feel and your circumstances. I would ask the teacher for some suggestions. Then I would seriously consider the answers.

If this does not work, then I would try again. In most cases, this should solve the problem.

If you truly have a problem with an individual teacher that you cannot resolve, you need to speak to a guidance councilor or the principal. You should also talk with your parents about this.

Most teachers are not as judgmental as they seem. They are very busy and pulled in many directions at one time, so the may appear insensitive.

Most teachers care deeply about their students. That is why they became teachers.

I hope this helps.


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It’s because they are ignorant.They shouldn’t be judgmental.One of the first tasks of the teacher is to have records of each student in her class there record should have detail information of the child including family background.It should also include any disabilities,ability levels from lower levels and any other special interest. All this information will help her understand students behavior,achievement levels and potentials. These information will help the teacher not be judgmental,

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Cassandra S.
I know what you mean.

I guess i’m pretty confident to say that because most

of my teachers are really young, and I haven’t really

been with teachers like that.

But I guess that it’s because they’ve got a lot of work to get

done that sometimes they just think they’re able to manage it.

Like me.. when I was younger I promised myself things such as that I would understand younger kids when I was younger.

But the older I grew, I found out that it was so hard to actually understand them because their world are so different from ours.

It’s a bit complicated to show you, but it’s actually pretty simple.. age differences are so different, so they figure that the work they do is probably a little bit less than what they do.