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in citizen’s band radio, how do the CB’ers use the ten codes in transmitting messages?

how will they say this:

10-1= receiving poorly

10-2= receiving well?

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In the 70’s when CB was at its peak the ten codes were often heard.

Ten codes were first used by the police to provide clear messages to another officer in the shortest possible time.

For example saying ¨10-4¨ is a clear and short way of say ¨That is correct , message understood¨

These abbreviations allowed more radio traffic to pass through when a limited amount of channels were available.

In CB applications obviously the non generic codes for police use wouldn’t be used.. eg: ¨10-87¨ = ¨pickup or prisoner transfer¨

Mostly CB’rs used these ones:

10-4 message understood – ok

10-20 what is your location

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CB_slang has a good selection of other CB slang words , which were more often used than the ten codes.



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Jon X
Look up police 10 codes and for that fact Try police 11 codes. They have a list of them… By the way, I’m 10-8 to go 10-100

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Rachel M
Ten one, ten two.

Not that many CB’ers use all of the codes, though, or know what they all mean. The most common ones are 10-4, 22, and breaker.