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What school should i choose?

OK, im thinking of moving schools (bullying) but cant choose what one to go to.

Millitary and Sailing

Pro: Strict on bullying

Pro: Get fitter

Pro: Dad would be pround

Con: boarding School.

Science and Tech.:

Pro: Would get better grades

Con: Far away

Con: Lets kids be snobs!

Muic and Drama:

Pro: Going to learn 5 musical instruments plus singing and rapping.

Pro: Like to act

Pro: Good with tech. and props

Con: Far away

Con: Expensive!

Help! I cant choose!

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Music and Drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Liberty University or Oral Roberts University. You would find lots of people to have lively discussions with.

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In God We Trust
It sounds like the military option is your best bet.