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What is the proper pronoun? “This is I.” or “This is she.”?

Recently my English Professor and I debated on this. He says that “This is I.” is the correct usage of grammar when answering the phone. I was always taught that “This is she.” is the correct usage. I wasn’t to clear on his reasoning. I believe he said it had to do with first person, personal pronouns. If anyone is an English Professor, major or knows the rule for this please respond. I would like to better understand this by knowing the facts, I seem to have the opinion area covered on this one. Thanks for your help.

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You are right. If I answer the phone and the caller is looking for me, I say “This is she”. Not, “This is I” or “This is her”. Those are both grammatically incorrect.

Because if you turned it into a question, one would say, “Who is on the phone?”, to which someone else should respond, “She is on the phone”.

Your prof is confused–good for you for sticking to your guns!


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I use “this is s/he.” However if your English professor informed you otherwise I would not argue with him, even if you are right. If you can find a substantial amount of evidence to prove him wrong (although your objective should be solely to resolve the dispute) then I would tell him; but only in a sincere manner.

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I totally agree with the person above me. I learmed once that in order to determine when to say “she and I” in a sentence you should think about what u are saying. Example it would be I went to the store rather me went to the store so it would be “her and I” and not “her and me” or “me and her”, so if someone were to ask a third party who is on the phone, they would say “she is on the phone”.