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what is the effects of hobbies to the students school performance?

Can anyone help me on my review of related literature in thesis?

Just give some effects of the hobbies of the students and how does it affects the school performance of the child.

(e.g. Doodling or drawing? is the hobby Artist, you say? Could be, but this could be a studentwith imagination yet untamed. This could also be a writer or an explorer perhaps. Architects and computer CGI designers all loved to draw.)

something like that.. any particular hobbies?

thanks people to those who will answer!! ♥♥♥


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Don’t have time to go into a long answer such as you are requesting – sorry – but I am a high school teacher and know that those kids with outside interests (music, sports, work, etc) are usually high performers in school and a popular classmate… the allrounders are the ones that usually have drive and ambition to succeed in life.

Hope that helps.