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What is academic tenure in community college?

Under what circumstances can a professor get fired if he obtains tenure?

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Well this should go under higher education, but here is fine. Once a Professor has worked at a college for a while and in some cases published so many books or scholarly articles he may find himself up for tenure. Tenure means that the university or college can not fire him/her. The only way a professor can be fired is if the have a relationship with a student (Boyfriend/girlfriend) or if they do or say something that reflects bad on the college. The idea behind it is to allow professors the freedom to research topic that may be considered, hot or topics that are controversial and not be fired for doing research on them, just because the president of the college or other people in the college do not agree with him/her. It is to advance the idea of research and allow them to talk about and discuss issues that they are an expert on without someone disagreeing with them and getting them fired from their job. One has to earn tenure in most universities and colleges, by doing research, writing and having books and articles published in journals. They also have to show that they have the ability to teach and get information across to the students in their classes. If they meet the requirements then one is usually able to receive tenure. To get fired one has to really do something bad, like have a relationship with a student, threaten another professor, stalk a student, kill someone. I mean it takes a lot to have a professor’s tenure revoked.