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Dealing with teachers who don’t teach?

Has anyone had a teacher who didn’t teach, and the stuff was important to learn? How did you deal with them? I really need help, because I have alot of them and I need to keep my grades up.

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I have just experienced this in the past school year. Our teacher couldn’t teach us anything. I have a few suggestions:

1) go to another teacher in the school and ask them to explain the material to you

2) go to the teacher that isn’t teaching you and ask her help after school. sometimes teachers turn out better when they can focus all of their attention on to you

3) hire yourself a tutor. if the problem is getting that bad that you are really falling behind, then get a tutor and have them teach the material to you.

4) teach it to yourself. if you have the textbook, then you can read it and do some of the examples in it. this will help you learn and keep up with the material so that you will be prepared for the following year

and my advice is, don’t freak out, because its pointless. you should spend as much time as possible catching up, rather than complaining.

good luck : )


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It may not be that the teacher isn’t teaching but that the teachers methods of teaching are not compatible with you methods of learning. Unless you mean that the teachers are just hanging out in class not giving you basic lessons.

You can do one of three things. You can take the information and teach yourself through study and other resources that are available. Or you can find a tutor who suits your learning needs. Or you can get a group study with friends.

Teachers are there to give the information. A good teacher will find many ways to teach a subject. But a good student can take any lesson and learn from it.


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Mark T
If the other students are finding the same, then a peition to the headmaster might be a starting point – making it clear that if things are now resolved immediately – then the next stage is to involve the local media about the lack of competent teachers.

Get other students (and if possible parents). I30 students and their parents will make a LOT more impact than one student on her own – as the headmaster / princpal will just reason that “all the other students are happy – must be something about YOU”.

If he has LOADS of complaints in writing with the understanding that it is about to become public knowledge in the local media, then he has a GREAT incentive to find out what the hell is going on.



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Unfortunately I think everyone will encounter this at one time or another. Hopefully you are working from a good book and can teach yourself a lot of the information. Otherwise I always found group study to be an alternative; having your peers explain something is sometimes easier than hearing it from a teacher.

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Yeah, but I had the problem in high school. I was in a high-society school,where the teachers were more concerned in pleasing the more popular, rich kids whose parents were well known,rather than the kids who actually try their best. I had a hard time, and now I have to suffer also with being an average student,eventhough I studied more than anyone.

I’d have a talk with your parents and get them to be more active with school activities, my parents didn’t in my new school and I had to suffer for it. I know you’d rather have an answer that’s a bit less about corruption, but that’s the way life is, you have to be a boot-licker.