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What are some pros and cons for online schooling?

I want to go back to school but my work schedual is in the way… I love my job but want to advance by getting a degree in criminal justice. I was thinking about doing my schooling online. Has anyone ever sucessfully completed online schooling and if so what were some pros and cons?

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I attend the University of Phoenix Online and have found it to be wonderful. I can transfer my credits if I ever decided to go to a traditional school. (I have checked and all of the universities and collages here will except my credits.) I have an instructor in each class as well as classmates. My Guidence counsler has given me contact info in case I have any problems. My instructors have all given me email addys and phone numbers so that any questions I have can be takin care of. I have been doing this for about 5 months so far and have 12 credit hours in. I recieved a Pale Grant from Finacial Aid to help with the cost of school and I attend class when I have time.

The one and only con I have is motivation. I am fortunate enough to have a very supportive family that keeps me motivated to continue. You are working alone, even though you have classmates and an instructor it is still you in front of a computer alone. The school gives you EVERY resource you need to succeed, except what you put into it. As with a traditional school, you get what you put into it.


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I have taken 3 online classes and will be taking 4 more in January.


No in class time

Can do the work whenever


If you have a bad teacher who doesn’t like to respond to emails which I’ve had one of those

If your a type of person who procrastinates then online classes aren’t for you

No class interaction

It’s a must to actually read the text books you get


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It depends on how focused you are. I’ve done on line schools before and I wasn’t focused on it enough it ended badly for me. It also depends on your situation, however.

Some pro and cons would be, you get to go to school and also are working in case it backfires: you already have a job. Just matters on what type of situation you’re in, in my own opinion.