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Websites about children’s books?

both my kids are in elementary school. They both have to read every night for 30 minutes. They choose a book then I am suppose to ask them questions about what they have read. It seems that the questions that I ask are easy and the kids kinda laugh at me when we have to do this twice per month. I am wondering if there is a site that helps parents with children’s books ask questions to see if the child has actually read the book or not. I have to sign off on this form saying that we talked about the book and I am tired of the kids saying he was a funny person or he was caring…Is there such a site out there that helps parents go over books with children or am I just living in a fantasy want to be world?

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This is a very interesting question. Please see the link below, which provides parent questions on a number of children’s books; see which titles are in your public library and check them out.

There are probably other web sites like this, but I stopped here.

Next, ask the children’s librarian at your public library for suggestions.


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Library Eyes
some children’s books have teaching guides online or you can buy guides at teacher stores…the questions are more like the ones in the back of adult books that are used for book clubs…the Magic Tree House books have online guides with crossword puzzles and other activities to work on comprehension and vocabulary…just search online esp. at websites for publishers…some elem. schools have their own websites with links for literature too.